Empowering Makers
Engage your audience
with data-driven
apps & websites


Design layouts, manage content
and engage audiences
on multiple digital platforms.

We do it, you manage.

Design &

Design & manage
everything in one

One single layout engine to all your interfaces.

One single management system to deal with all your content, assets and profiles.

One single administration area to send all your newsletters and push alerts.

All the colaboration tools you need for team work.

No trade-offs.

Apps &

Attach the experience
of your native apps,
responsive websites and
facebook widgets.

Get one single profile across all interfaces with continuity technology.

Enable a 360° digital presence with total flexibility.

  • use complex data structures seamlessly.
  • full updates over the air.
  • offline browsing for content and maps.
  • add search, filter and sort.
  • leverage interaction with social profiles.

Did we forget something?

& Advertising

Know and engage
your audience.

Analyse statistics and segment your users when sending them push alerts and newsletters.

Manage banners, interstitials or hover ads in your apps and websites.

Treat your users as one single profile in all your digital touch points.

Expand your reach.

& Hosting

You don't need to
worry about servers
configuration and maintenance.

It doesn’t matter if your users are accessing through mobile or desktop, your information will always be there, up to date, across the globe, totally secure.

Updated with no problems.

Changes to text, styles, and designs will be instantly updated and hosted.

If you have any problem, we have full support to help you.

Hassle free zone

We are currently
in private beta.

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