Faster, Better, Simplerthe visual builder
for data-driven native apps
and responsive websites

A single platform for every project stage: layout design, customer presentation, data modeling and hosting

Build your layouts in the browser while you bind it with your tailored content structures without coding.

Manage and publish your design and CMS interface from a single hub, for every platform.

Update pages, layouts and content structure as you wish - updates are on the fly, even on native apps.

Design the real thing

Stop sharing ideas and potential solutions that will never happen. Present your customer with a draft of a working website or app. Stop presenting just pixels. Get rid of the gap between design and implementation.


Design your layout easily. Drag and drop elements on canvas, tweak their size and spacing, position them around organically or use grid based controls for structuring.


Benefit from the controls you are used to: fills, strokes, shadows, blend modes and image adjustments. Get full control of text rendering in the different mediums without surprises.

Screen Size

Embrace the fluidity of the digital medium and create layouts that look and work gracefully on any screen. Don't restrain your layout to adapt over the same fixed values. You can add, remove and adjust breakpoints for any viewport. Your layout sets the rules.

Don't Repeat
Yourself (DRY)

Avoid repetitive changes and spare your energy for being creative. Global Colors, Shared Styles and Symbols help you to keep consistency over your style guide and design patterns - change any instance and the others will follow-through. Use them in combo for even better efficency!

Live Test
your designs

Share your work-in-progress remotely with your team and clients. For native apps, use the Bondlayer Previewer - every change in layout or content propagates immediatly across every peer.

Bring your design to life

Native App

Spice up the user experience. Get a feeling a webapp could never deliver using the default native trasitions, animations and gestures.

& Animations

Control how elements animate between different states and choose between hovers, clicks or scroll-based events to trigger the transition, taking full advantage of CSS3.


Boost engagement with interactive content from 3rd party sources. Embed Videos (Vimeo and Youtube), Sound (Spotify and Soundcloud) and Maps (Google).


Allow your customers to see the real animated digital presence you are planning - no more PDF’s trying to explain your dynamic behaviors. Your customer’s imagination is not always your ally. You can even use this previewer on the site or remotely.


Bondlayer has a set of useful UI components ready to use on your designs. Menu, Slider, Tabs and Lightbox come with out of the box behaviours and style that you can tweak to match your project look and feel.


Design with real content and create lists of entries faster. Setup an item-master layout and bind it to a content collection - each entry will be rendered using this master layout. Use filters and sorts to curate the list.

Custom Content Modeling


Model your data structures to match your content needs. Use a myriad of field types or start faster using several Presets (Blog, Event, Venue and others). Bind your data with the design and create your CMS visually.


Create relations between several collections with single or multi reference fields. Define the options your content manager can chose when creating a new entry (e.g. categories of an article, genres of a movie, colours of a product)

Data Structures

Change your project data structures with ease and flexibility. Feel free to add any extra fields as your project grows over time. Don't limit yourself.


Set up as many languages as you want and when you want to. You’ll be able to introduce the content of different languages in a single and comprehensive back office.

Filters, Sorts
& Search

Make it easy for the user to browse and discover what they are looking for adding filters, sorts and pagination to your lists. You can also add a Search Box to help discovery inside a list.


Every content asset goes directly to the media library. Control the metadata infos and edit the images with adjustment options and cropping functionality.

Hassle-free Publishing and Hosting

No matter if your users are accessing through mobile or desktop,
your information will always be there,
up to date, across the globe, totally secure.

  • Get your binary to publish your app directly onto the App Store and Play Store,
  • Updates over the air – you can even change the structure of your app without republishing at the store.
  • View your app content offline – don’t worry about crowded Wi-Fi networks or customers in roaming. The latest last available info will be available to your customer device.
  • SEO – customize page and site titles to improve results in search engines. Edit page and menu titles and benefit from structured content and headings, which considerably improves results.
  • Forget about server configurations and maintenance - Publishing & Hosting is our end of the deal.
  • Upscale and downscale as needed.
  • Security – Keep your data secure. Everything will be hosted on Amazon servers around the world.